Basta VS Decl: first news from the courtroom

Баста VS Децл: первые новости из зала суда

A preliminary hearing in the case decl vs Basto was held at the October court of Rostov-on-don. Woman’s Day visited the scene.

The meeting began without delay, it is true that the plaintiff and the defendant did not appear at a preliminary hearing, but sent representatives instead of himself. The judge immediately asked the question: whether the parties are willing to conclude the agreement. Roman Lalayan, the lawyer Cyril Tolmatskogo, better known as Decl or Le Truke, said that his client is not against to go to the world. The representative of Vasily Vakulenko (aka Basta) the lawyer Elena Trifonova noted that such an outcome is possible, but it needs to consult with the principal.

And like there is hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the parties, but it’s not as smooth as I would like. Counsel decl once again expressed the position of the ward: “Our position has not changed, we remain ready to reject the money if they are brought a public apology. Unfortunately, Vasily Mikhailovich worsened opinion of himself. Based on what happened in the media and social networking of Vasily Mikhailovich, we can conclude that the Respondent does not want to resolve the conflict in peace. We believe that Vakulenko and Tolmatskogo – public people and their social network signed a huge number of people, because you need to follow the sayings, the more that Vasily Mikhailovich has positioned itself as a family man, but his behavior does not conform to this image.”

“The representative plaintiff exaggerated retorted the lawyer Basta. — The words of the plaintiff, is just words, no direct evidence has been presented. Expert opinion to admit the evidence, they did not respond to any one base”.

Asked by the judge, the defendant contested whether the fact that he published on Twitter the record that Decl – haired schmuck, Elena Trifonova said that it is necessary to clarify the position of Basil on this issue. “The court obliges you to clarify the issue, because Twitter is a public medium accessed by a huge number of people,” said the judge.

The court refused the admission of a copy of the noise complaints from residents of the Basmanny district of Moscow, in the management of the club “Gazgolder”, because the document was not executed properly. According to the representative of decl, the same complaint was sent to the Department of internal Affairs of the Basmanny district of Moscow, and roughly 15-18 November a response is received from the internal Affairs bodies about imposing of the penalty to the leadership of the club “Gazgolder”. The court also denied a motion for a forensic linguistic examination experts of the Department of language Theory of SFU to give the definition: “Decl – haired schmuck”. The judge said that the valuation statement will be given by the court in the deliberation room.

What the outcome of a quarrel between two rappers – is unknown. The participants of the scandal not yet received any reaction to the events of this process. The next court session on business is appointed to December 7. It is hoped that in Rostov there will arrive the musicians themselves. Basta counsel confirmed that the defendant intended to attend the meeting. A representative decl said, “I will do everything to my client arrived. You see, money is not important for Kirill, he’s a very wealthy person, we are willing to spend a million dollars to charity or even give up the money. Just time to put an end to what is happening.”

We will remind, the conflict broke out due to the fact that Decl, living near the club Basta “gas Tank”, complained about excessive noise at night coming from the club. What Basta has published a tweet: “Decl – haired schmuck”.