Basta inherited a huge sum of money

Баста унаследовал огромную сумму денег
The rapper Basta has published in his Twitter post that caused the surprise of many of his followers.

Баста унаследовал огромную сумму денег

The contractor placed the letter which he received from counsel Georgie Baxter, who represents the interests of the oligarch. The lawyer says that due to the fact that the deceased millionaire was the namesake of Basta, a rapper may receive a legacy of $ 10 million.

Баста унаследовал огромную сумму денег

“My client grew up in an orphanage, he had no relatives. Also Marshall Vakulenko did not name the beneficiary, so he had no direct heir. I can imagine you as a contender for the money”, – the lawyer wrote in a letter to the rapper.

Recall that the real name of the rapper Vasily Vakulenko. And he thinks it’s a joke, because in the letter there are a number of mistakes, and the feeling that he was transferred with the help of online translator.

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