Басков и Хрусталев подарили детям рождественскую сказку
In the Northern capital held a major charity event.

Басков и Хрусталев подарили детям рождественскую сказку

Dmitry Khrustalev

Басков и Хрусталев подарили детям рождественскую сказку

Nikolay Baskov

In the State house K-2 in
Saint-Petersburg took place the solemn reception of “a Christmas tale”
charity Fund “Stars for children” Alexander Kerzhakov. Caring
friends of the Foundation gathered to dive into the magical world of Andersen’s fairy tales,
to open a series of wonderful new year’s days and help the children
the Fund supports.

The space is decorated like a cosy home
Nineteenth-century Christmas decorations; ice bar with mulled wine, raffle with
magical prizes, animators in costumes of fairytale characters and even
master classes for young guests by making new year’s toys — all items
PM create a festive mood. Alexander Dobrovinsky masterly
accustomed to the role of OLE lukojje, and Olga Orlova and Dmitry Khrustalev in the role
grown-up of Kai and Gerda helped him to hold a charity auction.

Басков и Хрусталев подарили детям рождественскую сказку

Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova

Басков и Хрусталев подарили детям рождественскую сказку

Inna Zhirkova

The evening came leading First channel
Marina Kim, Nicholas Basque, Yuri and Inna Zhirkova, IDA Kekhman, Tatiana Vedeneeva,
Ekaterina Odintsova, Marina Dobrovinsky, the players of FC “Zenit”
designer Alina Herman, Monica Radicati, businessmen, representatives of business elite
St. Petersburg politicians and public figures.

They and other guests met magic
heroes from the tale “snow Queen”, at the entrance stood a sleigh with reindeer and
the dog, which sought to sit all the guests. In a touted White
Rabbits. “Follow the white rabbit” – just remembered another story.

very pleased with the outcome of today’s events — said Alexander Kerzhakov. For
it is very important that we are able to provide systematic assistance, in particular,
the city of Kingisepp, where I was born, to help are there social institutions
to support the children of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The amount
we gathered today, 15 million is needed to
projects scheduled for the next six months. And I’m glad I have friends,
who share my beliefs and are willing to help.”

Tatiana Vedeneeva

“No matter what the amount provided
charity is important every good work, — says Nikolay Baskov. — The very
the desire to do something is the promise of his goodness to the world. Make the world kinder, and
good will come back to you a hundredfold, because the energy of love is priceless. I came here after
performance at the “Song of the year”, in makeup, very tired. But I saw here people
which made someone happy — and immediately rested. Today is a big
the holiday in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary, so we are not here
in vain.”