Basmanny court of Moscow ruled in decl vs Basto

Басманный суд Москвы вынес решение в деле Децла против Басты

Decl offended by Basta for what he called his “hairy dick”.

Cyril Tolmatsky (Decl) decided to call Vasily Vakulenko (Basta) in the showdown in the legal field and filed for him in court. First tried to encourage the second one to answer for insulting the farthing and dignity. And to punish his opponent He wanted, namely, to recover from Vakulenko 1 million rubles.

Unfortunately for Tolmatskogo, his claim was rejected by the Basmanny court of Moscow. But it was not done because of lack of occasion to the proceedings. The judge advised the plaintiff to repeat his attempt to deal with the strikers at the place of residence of the defendant, i.e. in Rostov-on-don. I will assume that its attempt to sue Basta Decl will not continue to.

By the way, in the social network Vakulenko told about his conflict with Tolmatsky. Here’s how it looked from the Basta: “Kirill A. after we ceased communication with him after he went missing from our club Gazgolder many years ago, repeatedly allowed himself not a very good remarks in an interview concerning the club, the people who work there, the music label, whose representative I am. You can find all these “wonderful” comments in the network. He called people who work with us, fortified, strongly curse. In his first interview, which was a year or two ago, I reacted similarly wrote: “Decl — haired schmuck”. This was followed by some more statements, the last concerned parties at the plant “Armagh”, which is a club Gazgolder, and in the same building is my Studio. Cyril Tolmatsky has published a very loud statement that we bribe law enforcement officers that we are very bad people, and he, unhappy man who is struggling with “castle of evil”. I naturally responded”.

Basta assures that suggested Declo to resolve the conflict and check the noise level in the club Gazgolder, but Cyril refused.