Barykin mother refused a DNA test with his grandson

Мама Барыкина отказалась от ДНК-теста с внуком Woman is glad that she is the closest person. Mother of Alexander Barykin for a long time did not recognize Timur’s Saeed Shah. Now, however, she gladly embraces him and hopes that he will be able to pay attention to.
Мама Барыкина отказалась от ДНК-теста с внуком

In March 2011 did not become a singer Alexander Barykin died of a heart attack during a concert. His mother, Alexandra Georgievna has remained virtually one – despite the fact that she has three grandchildren, they rarely come to visit my grandmother. Only Eugene comes back sometimes to visit a loved one. Also Alexander is the illegitimate son of Timur Sayed-Shah, but not so long ago grandma refused to recognize the young man as their relative.

Timur tries to establish contact with an elderly woman appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk” with a bouquet of flowers and a decoration of pearls. She offered to hug. But she wondered why it took so long was in her life. As it turned out, the young man’s family was a tragedy.

“Did not my grandmother Anna Saed-Shakh. In February it happened, she was 68 years old, a heart attack,” said the young man.

Dmitry Borisov offered to do a DNA test to prove whether he is the son of Alexander Barykin. But Alexandra Georgievna has flatly refused this idea.

“You need to forgive, forgive, and be with all my friends,” said the woman.
Мама Барыкина отказалась от ДНК-теста с внуком

Guests in the Studio were asked to Timur called Barikina grandmother. However, the young man was in no hurry to throw these big words.

“To jump over the abyss, which was for 26 years to my first meeting in one word is impossible. My grandmother the one that raised. Of course, Alexander G. my grandmother is human. I’m not ready for a whole layer of history to learn, even coming from her, it will be difficult,” said Timur.

Barykin was happy that in her life there was a young man who may become her real family. She hopes that he will get to spend her time. Mother of Alexander Barykin asks his friends son on assistance

“I’m glad I have such people, honestly. Maybe he’ll visit me,” suggested Alexandra Georgievna.
Мама Барыкина отказалась от ДНК-теста с внуком

Experts “May say,” warned the elderly woman that she did not leave his name on any property. Timur immediately declared that he does not claim anything. He is ready to come on demand, when she needed his help. However, for Alexandra Georgievna important attention and communication with loved ones.

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