Бари Алибасов хочет подать в суд на Владимира Левкина The producer has named former soloist of his band “bastard”. Bari Alibasov is preparing documents to file in court, Vladimir Levkin. He is confident that the former soloist of group “on-On” illegally using its brand.
Бари Алибасов хочет подать в суд на Владимира Левкина

The conflict between the producer of the group “on-On” Bari by Alibasova and a former member of the band Vladimir lukinym broke out during the live program “Hello, Andrew!”, which was dedicated to the legendary boy band!

Bari Karimovich appeared under the final transfer to remember all the participants of the famous group. However, instead of nostalgia suddenly Alibasov spoke about one of the participant “ugly broke up.” It was about Vladimir Levkin, which was not in the Studio. Producer, answering a question of the presenter Andrei Malakhov, said that not only does not communicate with ex-players, but doesn’t want to know him because he is “a real bastard”.

“He’s a scoundrel uses the brand until now! No voice, no hearing, no voice which he had never. The first three years of his singing Andrei Potanin is the drummer. Incompetent he is a being totally helpless, not able to sing, plastic, horrible, no actor’s gift, nothing. And he acts on behalf of the group “on-On”. We can still hear the way he sings, well, just a shame, he’s on the Internet it puts” – resented Bari Karimovich.
Бари Алибасов хочет подать в суд на Владимира Левкина

At this very moment in the Studio appeared Vladimir Levkin. A musician a long time in silence listened to the claims Alibasov. Bari to prove his words led Billboard, which according to him, hangs in many cities of Germany. On the bright small really big poster written “na-na” and finely “Vladimir Levkin, party Golden part”.

For Levkin joined wife and part-time singer Mary. She turned to the other former and current band members who were present immediately in the Studio of the channel “Russia 1”.

Бари Алибасов хочет подать в суд на Владимира Левкина “I am ashamed really for each of you who sit and say nothing – we have to go with the brand singer Marusia & Vladimir Levkin. We are not related to this poster and on the day shown on it, we are not byllov Germany,” said Maroussia, the wife of Vladimir Levkin.

However, Bari Karimovich of these explanations are not staged. He stated that this issue is already know lawyers. We tried the program’s guests to calm and reconcile alibasova and levchinym at least on the broadcast, they failed. Levkin, together with his wife left the Studio, but first thanked Alibasov for everything and said that his conscience is clear.

“Let me make a statement. To the group “on-On” I do not have a relationship absolutely no. Bari, I love you. If you have a claim, call the court. We have not broken the law of the Russian Federation. I’m not the warring side. I love his teacher I am very grateful for the time spent in “on-On”, – said Vladimir Levkin.

Vladimir Levkin was a popular soloist team for almost a decade – according to official data from 1989 to 1998. Despite the fact that I broke up Bari Alibasov and Vladimir Levkin enemies, producer and former team supported the artist when he was seriously ill.