Бари Алибасов рассказал о связи Вячеслава Зайцева с криминалом The producer revealed unknown facts from the biography of fashion designer. As it turned out, Vyacheslav Zaitsev has influenced fashion trends among the bandits. The designer about this when were not even aware.
Бари Алибасов рассказал о связи Вячеслава Зайцева с криминалом

On March 2, the famous fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev was 80 years old. The designer became the protagonist of the next edition of the program “Hello, John”. In the Studio there were numerous star friends couturier, who talked about how the birthday boy has impacted their life.

One of the guests of the program Bari Alibasov remembered that rabbits gave a fashion trends. So, it is with the light hand of the designer criminal authorities ‘ 90s began to wear crimson jackets.

“When I started to work in show business, everyone ran the bandits. They often attended concerts, and then we went to some party. And then all the bandits went crazy on my red jackets. They were interested in, who sews, and I always replied that it was Slava Zaitsev. Of course, they went for the jackets to him, and soon the garment crimson became a symbol of the time. So Thank sheathed the entire criminal world,” recalled Alibasov.

The producer noted that rabbits have created a lot of trends. Moreover, the designer worked not only with celebrities but also visited the factory mass production, shared their experiences. The designer was so kind to every person that she met, loved him as a seamstress and divas of the Soviet screen.

Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and another crime story. As it turned out, the designer has helped to reduce the prison sentence of a talented young man who participated in his creative contest. Yevgeny Lukyanov received 9.5 years for assault, but familiarity with couturier radically changed his life.

“In prison I learned to sew, began to fulfill orders for those who were and for the guards. Soon I had clients outside the prison. One of them advised me to participate in the contest designers Slava Zaitsev. In the end, I became the winner of the contest, told the President her story. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich decided to help me. In the end, I spent instead of life only 7 years and 2 months,” – said Eugene.

A man appeared in the Studio program and thanked his patron. Lukyanov noted that due to Zaitsev found not only freedom, but a calling.

Himself fashion designer remembered with pleasure his main milestones in his rich career. The man has worked with Alla Pugacheva, Edita, Nadezhda Babkina and many others. Talent Zaitsev was recognized in the international arena, and he is considered one of the honorary citizens of Paris. Couturier himself noted that he never dreamt of moving to another country, because his work was inspired by Russian traditions