Бари Алибасов: «Рустам Солнцев больной аферист!» The producer of the group “on-On” and outlined his point of view on the conflict with the ex-participant of “House-2”. Bari Alibasov outraged that tells Rustam Solntsev about their failed collaboration. Besides, the showman demands of the producer a considerable sum of money.
Бари Алибасов: «Рустам Солнцев больной аферист!»

A week ago Rustam Solntsev has accused the founder of the group “on-On” in the deception. The reason for such sharp statements have become money. According to the former participant “Houses-2”, he helped Alibasova public relations services, and he did not pay him the promised fee in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. However, the Bari Karimovich has its own version of the events. Bari Alibasov cheated Rustam Solntseva on 100 thousand roubles

According to him, Rustam came to the office to declare: Alibasov intends to launch its own TV programme – together with the media holding Mikhail Gutseriev, – but because he was an employee. At the interview, the famous producer asked about the experience in the field of PR and journalism.

“The sun began to boast of relationships with employees printing and publishing houses. Kept saying, “give me any article, quickly publish it in the press!” And I, in fact, need a worker who will be responsible for publishing on the Internet – said Alibasov “StarHit”. The main challenge is to have 8-10 of materials per month. I’m also willing to pay from 60 to 100 thousand rubles. Agreed on the test mission again discussed the conditions and said goodbye”.

According to the Bari Karimovich, after the interview Rustam disappeared. About himself and his actions to a future employer chose not to report. Rather, the sun showed up, but only two weeks later, he said that he was able to arrange for the publication in the media, and therefore came for a fee.

“I was startled by the approach, immediately replied: “I don’t need that person! He must regularly show the result, and do not disappear for a long time. I guess you have nothing to discuss, good day!” So I said goodbye to him. I was most indignant that he began to demand from me a hundred thousand roubles. Where have you seen that in one publication the money asked for? Nonsense! So he muddles in the media our conversation with him” – outraged by the producer of the group “on-On”.

Despite the unsuccessful collaboration, Alibasova from the Solntsevo don’t need an apology.

“He’s a sick man – says Bari Karimovich. – He definitely has problems with his head. I think everyone laughed when they found out what he was asking 100 Grand for a single material. The funny thing is that he has “published” pre-written by another author text. It remains only for mail transfer and all. For me reputation is important! Now let my colleagues know that he was a swindler, he is inadequate. Better will be a treatment!”