Bari Alibasov lit on the anniversary with his ex-fiancee

Бари Алибасов зажег на юбилее с бывшей избранницей On the eve of the famous producer said the 70th anniversary. Bari Karimovich has gathered friends and colleagues in the restaurant of a major Metropolitan hotel. The party was attended by many singers, composers and other artists.
Бари Алибасов зажег на юбилее с бывшей избранницей

Bari Alibasov loudly celebrated the 70-th anniversary. The producer of the legendary group “na-na” for many years working tirelessly in show business, writing songs and coming up with new ideas for the team. The birthday of the composer to his close friends and colleagues gathered in the restaurant of one of the luxury hotels in order to congratulate the hero of the occasion.

In the middle of the evening on the stage stood the wards of Bari Karimovich. Video performance of the guys from “on-On” appeared on the page of Sergey Zverev. In the caption to the video of the famous stylist congratulated the producer on the anniversary, wished him success and much love. It turned out that this evening boyzbenda fans were in for another surprise. They presented a video for the song “Zinaida”.

According to eyewitnesses, among the guests of the evening turned out to be Lev Leshchenko, Vladimir Vinokur, Alexander Rosenbaum, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Nadezhda Babkina, Yury Malikov, Igor Cool, Julia Baranovskaya, Anastasia Volochkova and many others. Famous ballerina gave the producer an unusual gift.

“Bunch decided to give edible. Cool peppers with pepper!” – said the star.

At the end of the evening in the room made a fantastic cake with black icing, which was decorated with a figure of Koschei. The applause of the crowd Bari Karimovich has stuck a knife into him, and then leaned over and tried a piece. Later the birthday boy was my face in the cake. In this form Alibasov went on stage. The host Nikolai Fomenko was supported by the celebrant and joked that until 1982, the year Bari Karimovich was 196 inches.

Special attention attracted Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Some celebrities personally came to politics, and expressed him their respect. In a Network there was video on which Nadezhda Babkina said that he supported the initiative of the worker.

Бари Алибасов зажег на юбилее с бывшей избранницей

Alibasova presented as gifts of paintings, jewellery, designer clothing, poems and many other gifts. A pleasant surprise for the producer was the appearance on the evening of one of his ex lady, Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Famous artist and composer lived in a civil marriage in the early 90-ies. Bari Karimovich recalls with gratitude the relationship with this woman. The company Fedoseeva-Shukshina on the evening made up for her grandchildren, Thomas and Fock. Shukshin was not allowed Alibasov in the monastery

Бари Алибасов зажег на юбилее с бывшей избранницей