Bari Alibasov entered into medicated sleep

Бари Алибасов введен в медикаментозный сон
The condition is in resuscitation producer Bari Alibasov remains heavy.

Бари Алибасов введен в медикаментозный сон

Recall that the 71-year-old Alibasov went to the hospital with chemical poisoning – he accidentally drank the liquid for cleaning pipes instead of juice. Doctors diagnosed him burn the esophagus fourth degree burn stomach second degree and burns of the respiratory tract.

Бари Алибасов введен в медикаментозный сон

About immersion Alibasov in medication sleep announced one of soloists of group “on-On” Vladimir Politov: “the Relationship with him only through the son – he was recently. He says the condition was still serious… he is Now in a drug-induced sleep. This is not an artificial coma. Him two day to sleep in.”

Earlier it became known that Alibasov made a new will. So all rights to the band and the song “na-na” is assigned its soloists Natalia Politov Vladimir and Vyacheslav Zherebkin, the owner of the property into three apartments, one of which is the nine-room total area 220 sq. m, in the will named son of Bari Alibasov Jr. Wife Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Alibasov bequeathed a plot of land in the suburbs (the price is about $500 thousand) as well as shares, promissory notes and other paper – their total amount is estimated at $2 million.

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