Bari Alibasov cheated Rustam Solntseva on 100 thousand roubles

Бари Алибасов обманул Рустама Солнцева на 100 тысяч рублей The producer is not paid to the entertainer for the PR services. Bari Alibasov asked Rustam Solntseva to return to the group “on-On” to its former glory. But in the end he did not receive the promised amount and now considers well-known figure of show business dishonest.

In show business, broke another scandal. This time the initiator of the conflict was a showman, Rustam Solntsev, filed a complaint to the producer of the group “on-On” Bari Alibasov for unpaid fees. A month and a half ago celebrities decided to collaborate, but as time has shown, nothing good ever came of it.

“Alibasov he contacted me, – says Rustam with “StarHit”. He wants the group “on-On” to its former glory and is looking for a specialist that will help him to do it. Mutual friends told him I like good PR-producer. When I came to meet him, he told me that the group is in the ass about it, nobody knows anything and people are confident that the team for 15 years as does not exist. Bari complained, they say, do not know what to do and where to start, help, rusya, dear. I agreed, of course, to me this work is interesting”.

What made the wrong decision, Solntsev realized after a couple of days, when there was held another meeting with the producer. “Started some sort of garbage – says Rustam. Alibasov spoke a lot and not on the topic, “scratched” me about some PR-schema of the 90-ies. Offered on the concert call the police and a news that members of with someone was in a fight. I tried to explain to him that this approach no longer works… my questions about the fee Alibasov waved and translated the conversation in another direction. So we saw each other three more times”.

Rustam said that, despite the misunderstanding, continued to provide news about the group in one major national media. According to him, the material was relevant to the topic of the day: about the fact that every woman is a candidate for the presidency, which is now in the top news, ever had communication with team members.

“Such work, given the meetings and discussions are worth 100 thousand rubles. But Alibasov request to pay me the fee was ignored. Assistant Alibasov Anya, I also tried to get the money, said he also believes the chief is wrong, but to affect a situation cannot. With all due respect to Alibasova, I believe that he acts dishonestly. And he will remain with the group in the ass” – said the sun.