Барбара Брыльска восхитила изменениями во внешности Igor Vernik has shared a rare picture actress. Members of the actor in the social network noted that the star of the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!” looks great.
Барбара Брыльска восхитила изменениями во внешности

Showman Igor Vernik shared with subscribers a unique frame. The photograph of the film star hugging a colleague, a popular actress Barbara Brylska. 76-year-old actress, beloved by audiences for her role as Nadia Sheveleva from the movie by Eldar Ryazanov “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, grins and looks great. Wernick noted that it is very honorable to touch Brylska.

Members of the actor was glad for it. “Cool”, “Elegant lady and boy”, “you look Great,” commented on a post of Igor’s followers. Despite his advanced age, a woman still strikes many colleagues with their unbeatable sense of style.

Барбара Брыльска восхитила изменениями во внешности“If tells you that dressed in horrible, do not believe. She carefully monitors her wardrobe. Because it looks great even in everyday life,” talked about Barbara Brylska Svetlana Kryuchkova.

Barbara Brylska lives in Poland, in a small suburban house in Golczewo where she moved from Warsaw. The actress is still called to act in films, but she prefers to play with my grandchildren, children of her son Ludwig. The last picture in which he played Brylska, was the film “the Secret of four princesses” Director Oleg Shtrom. Viewers saw her in the role of fairies.

Barbara Brylska about the anniversary: “It’s not a holiday but a funeral”

“The years make themselves felt. I recently broke sciatica. It became difficult to do everything as fast as before. Had to hire a woman who takes care of me. She comes several times a week, lives nearby with his family,” admitted the actress, “StarHit”.

Brylska loves his son and glad that decided to give birth to him when she was over 40. In 1993, the actress has experienced tragedy. Died in a car accident her daughter Barbara Kosmal. Trying to cope with the pain, Brylska was fenced off from the world and three years have not left the house.

“After the death of his daughter, who was older than him by 10 years and died, the son brought me back to life – says the actress today. – If it was not, there would be no me and this interview, too, would not exist. There would be no life. This is my happiness, my joy. This is my everything,” said the star in the movie “Barbara Brylska. Men don’t have a chance.”