Baranovskaya wrote a book about the Arshavin

Барановская написала книгу об Аршавине

The former wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin and now TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya told the story of their love in every detail.

One look at the pair was enough to understand what serious passions raging between them. Street acquaintance was still quite young people has grown into a strong marriage. All these 9 years Julia has supported Andrew in his rapidly soaring up career and was an exemplary wife stars of world football. They had two children, they waited for the third one, but when Julia was in her fifth month of pregnancy, like a bolt from the sky – Andrew went to the other…

Julia a long time to grieve and did not take the separation from her husband as a chance to start life anew and the to achieve something. She soon became a TV presenter and now hosts the program “Male/Female” on the First channel, where the characters talk about their difficult fate. And so Julia decided to follow their example and tell the world the story of his life. At the end of may will go on sale in her autobiography, which she called “it gets better”.

“This book about football?.. About my life?.. Not only. It will be stories that I never told before, thinking about the events in the life of my family… I Remember once, when Andrew had just moved to Arsenal, we were invited to a reception at a restaurant – quoted Yulia the website “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – Andrew was awarded the football prize, the hall was attended by players of “Arsenal”, the members of the Royal family… Sitting at the table of the luxurious restaurant, I looked out the window on a winter night London suddenly and clearly remembered how the same winter many years ago was happy too, though for a different reason. Before my eyes appeared a picture: a little schoolgirl, I’m standing in a very long line in the St. Petersburg store, clutching a stack of coupons for pasta for the whole family.

I was sincerely worried that I won’t get these noodles, so was incredibly happy to redeem all coupons. Bundle the seller put in a large cardboard box. I remember how happy when, tying the sash of the coat to the box, dragged it home.

And here I was sitting in London at a table, on which put lobsters and other delicacies, and thought that in one lifetime a man lives so many different lives. I like: pasta coupons to lobsters.

The main idea of the book is that happiness is an inner condition that does not depend on where you live, and the wealth”.

The book will be many touching moments associated with Andrew. For example, Julia recalls the beginning of their relationship: “I Woke up to what’s next on the pillow that lies. He opened his eyes, and it’s a huge bunch of red roses and next to the bed smiling Andrew. For the first time we made love. At the right time, realizing that we can’t break up that we should be together”.

I hope the autobiography Baranovskaya will shed light on what is happening in the family of Arshavin. It tells the TV presenter in an interview, Andrey’ve seen in years and children, according to “KP”, owed almost $ 20 million alimony. And perhaps the book will encourage the Danny to tell the world their story with Julia from their point of view.

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