Baranovskaya, Sviridov and others at fashion awards

Барановская, Свиридова и другие на модной премии

Moscow hosted the award ceremony for The Best Luxury Stores Award, which guests were Russian celebrities.

Among the invitees one could see Yulia Baranovskaya, Alain Sviridov, Elena Kuletskoy, Alla werber, Rita Mitrofanov and others.

Of course, for social events, which, incidentally, celebrated 100 best boutiques in the country, the star chose a bright and stylish outfits. For example, Yulia Baranovskaya expressed a preference for striking deep blue dress with a high waist and slim skirt. The star completed the outfit sandals with stiletto and unusual bag with fur POM-POM from the Russian brand Peppi (17 000 rubles).

Another stylish star, Elena Kuletskaya, shone in a much less conservative the toilet. The TV presenter has chosen for the awards fishnet dress Missoni M with green accents. The image made sandals that are Kuletskaya wearing with delicate lace socks.

Alena Sviridova surprised the audience with enough brutal bow, which consisted of tight leather trousers, black top with embroidery and graceful boats of the shade Bordeaux.

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