Baranovskaya puts men conditions when Dating

Барановская ставит мужчинам условия при знакомстве After a painful parting with Andrey Arshavin, the presenter realized that now we have to pay attention to when choosing a life partner. Yulia Baranovskaya believes that honesty and openness will help to avoid conflicts in relationships.

      Барановская ставит мужчинам условия при знакомстве

      After life after the breakup of TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya and footballer Andrei Arshavin with compassion watching almost the whole country. After breaking up the former civil wife of the athlete alone is raising three children. Arshavin does not seek to communicate with heirs, despite all the calls Baranovskaya. Painful breakup Yulia taught at another way to communicate with the opposite sex. Now she realizes that it is better from the start to identify all limits and conditions that you have to accept the second half.

      “For example, I immediately put the priorities if you meet someone: “I Have children who are very important to me and with whom I spend free time. The work that I will never leave. And I prefer to relax by the sea and I hate ice fishing, which is so fond of men, and to participate in it is not going to” – it puts such restrictions Baranovskaya.

      She believes that it will be correct when everyone in a pair will determine what is important to him and he will never compromise. Julia believes that such openness will help to understand what have to accept, than to give or not to enter into a relationship because of insurmountable contradictions. Of course, the presenter is aware that the honeymoon period immediately categorically state on their own terms will be decided by a few, but this openness will help avoid disappointment in the future.

      “But one day the mask still will fly with you, start a real life. You will survive, think, what happened, why favorite people has changed beyond recognition. Oh no! He just became himself,” muses Julia.

      Baranovskaya believes that the most important thing in a relationship is a responsibility. It should be as early in the relationship and in the end, if people suddenly decided to leave.

      “If you’re honest, you have to be considered. Make with all the “baggage”, advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise it will not work. I think that relationships fall apart when people pretend to be, pretend that they like everything, they are satisfied. Even the best of intentions. Good intentions, as you know, the road to hell is paved…” – shared his thoughts Baranovskaya in interview to the edition “Collection caravan of stories”.

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