Барановская поставила точку в обсуждении возвращения к Аршавину
Will the TV star from her ex-husband decisive action?

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: @baranovskaya_tv Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

With the breakup of Julia Baranovskaya and Andrei Arshavin it’s been five years. The player during this time became a father again and married. Despite this, the fans still do not exclude the possibility that the athlete “come to their senses” and get back to Yulia, who built for it time a successful career presenter. Baranovskaya on the eve admitted that fans of “terrorizing” her with questions about whether it is reunification with Arshavin?

Julia gave the answer to this question and finally put a fat point in such discussions. “Arshavin is not waiting!” wrote presenter of the First channel in the microblog. Along with this Baranovskaya clarified in the other two themes, which are also very care about its subscribers. “Hair color, lenses don’t wear!” — added Julia.

Meanwhile, current wife of Arshavin, Alice still couldn’t “recover” after the scandal with the airline. According to the court, the journalist was forced to pay for the costs incurred as a result of a flight delay and additional ground services at Sheremetyevo airport. We will remind that after the scandal that ensued following: alleged mistress Arshavin. Due to collapsing after two incidents of “glory”, Alice has restricted access to his page in social networks, writing: “Closed until the dust settles!” The dust, apparently, will settle soon, so for a while Arshavina have to sit in the “shadow”.