Baranovskaya note: wife of Arshavin threatened by a young rival

Барановской на заметку: жена Аршавина угрожает молодой сопернице
The player’s wife desperately fights for marital happiness.

Барановской на заметку: жена Аршавина угрожает молодой сопернице

Andrew and Alice Arshavin

Photo: Social Networks

Olga Semenova

Photo: @olgagagauzka Instagram

Alice Kazmina, who in September 2016 the wife of Andrei Arshavin, may soon get a summons to court. Striking blonde Olga Semenova that the media was referred to as the “mistress” of the player, intends to apply to the spouse of the athlete’s statement to the police.

It all started with the fact that someone filmed Arshavin in the arms of Semenova and posted the footage on social networks. Shortly thereafter, according to Olga, she began to receive threats from his wife. It is reported that Alice had threatened to cut off Busty blonde fingers… “She said, “You touched my husband, I’ll cut your fingers off”. Some time later, she was presented by the FSB and said that you drop the drugs, which would put me in jail!” — quoted Olga RT. Semenov said that the dirt on Arshavin and certified by a notary public, and her lawyers are preparing a lawsuit to the court.

Interestingly, many of the most admired, with what zeal Alice protects the family home. “Baranovskaya note! Here’s how to deal with mistresses. And she kept crying… I would Write about fingers, you see, children would be left without a father” — joke fans Arshavin.

It is worth noting that recently, “the love boat” Andrew and Alice is leaking. The player publicly admitted that he had changed Arshavina. The athlete had shown remorse for his actions, and was forgiven by his wife. However, apparently, to abandon the usual riotous living player is not yet ready.