Bankruptcy has pushed Boris Becker to desperate measures

Банкротство подтолкнуло Бориса Беккера к отчаянным мерам
Tennis player retired health risks for a living.

Boris Becker


Boris Becker, who in June of this year was announced
bankrupt, is willing to do anything to find a solution to their
financial problems. His latest idea — will go to “survival island”
as part of the British version of the show “the Last hero”.

Becker has already told the producers about his desire
to join the show. His intention caused by certainly not
thirst for thrills. The goal of Boris to try to win and get the prize of 500
of thousands of dollars. “He really must at all costs to earn the highest possible
amount, and as quickly as possible!” — explained one of the friends of the actor. At the same time,
buddy Becker expressed his serious concern over the plan of a tennis player. After all, the state
health 49-year-old Boris — not brilliant, and the upcoming extreme
test can contribute to its further deterioration.

Another project Becker — not less “adventurous”. It
enrolled in the number of participants in the poker tournament, which will begin soon in Vienna.
Now Boris will have to fight with real professionals, and with
the best of the best, because we are talking about such a serious contest as Partypoker Grand Prix in Montesinho. But he’s still ready to try their luck in the attempt
earn a lot of money, because the situation he has just desperate.

We recall that Becker was declared bankrupt after the Bank of London Arbuthnot Latham officially announced
he has not returned it made a loan of 10 million pounds. And
soon we came up with and other debts of tennis — for a total of 54 million
pounds. As a result, the house of Boris in London, which he acquired in due time for
7 million pounds will be sold at auction, and the most valuable
property. If, of course, will not seek urgently needed for
repayment of the debt amount. Exactly how Becker managed to squander his once
solid state, 35 million pounds is not fully understood. As claimed,
in the financial losses of Boris played a role in the divorce from his first wife Barbara Feltus and payment of the mistress of the Becker — Angela Ermakova, the mother of his illegitimate daughter.