“Ban our friend to marry Tselikovskaya!”

«Запретите нашему другу жениться на Целиковской!»
Wild habit for us to consult with the leadership of the camps and report about their personal life in Soviet times was the norm.

Still from the film “the Grasshopper”. 1955


Now it seems anecdotal, but when the star of those years, actress Lyudmila Tselikovskaya gathered for the fourth time to marry the chief architect of Moscow Caro Alabama, his friends even made a petition trying to stop the “selfish” artist.

Sent a letter to the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Anastas Mikoyan. The text of the letter is entirely published for the first time.

“I appeal
to you, as believe that Your personal and urgent intervention in the fate of
our dear Caro Alabyan of Semonovich (President of the Academy of architecture of the USSR,
Deputy of the Supreme Council, member of the CPSU(b)), will hold its inevitable
the public scandal. At the wedding of the son of Ruben Nikolaevich Simonov Karo
Sobyanin met artist Lyudmila Tselikovskaya (the artist’s wife Small
theatre M. Zharov). Further meetings and special his trip to Sochi strengthened
his illicit relationship with L. He, and presently brought him to the deplorable
the final. Because of this, actor M. Zharov was seriously ill. After a long
treatment in the Kremlin hospital continues to hurt, and on this basis, as we
you know, consent to a divorce his wife will not give. But the fact is,
we, others, it is well known that L. another, “crashed” already
once the life of M. Zharov (spreading it with his wife and son) — not a pair of our dear
Karo Semenovich… We are confident that her attitude to Karo Semenovich based
only Mercantile considerations and which pair L. K. Alabyan Tselikovskaya,
which is younger than his 25 years. We are confident that Caro S. “entangled”
it, and Karo Semenovich, whom we are all proud of, which we may call
an outstanding statesman — whatever was necessary to keep from
the fateful step. Mandatory public noise and scandal, still not having
place in the activities and life of K. S. Alabyan, will dramatically affect responsible
the work he performs. We are asking for your intervention and advice.
A group of leading architects”. 1948

Resolution Mikoyan was brief — to “guide
friend Caro.” That is, to deliver a letter to him, let him think over
arguments of the comrades. Of course, Margaryan did not listen and married Themselves.

All the memoirs Still unpublished here.