Ballet shoes Mikhail Baryshnikov was sold for a million rubles

Балетные туфли Михаила Барышникова были проданы за миллион рублей
In Moscow was held the evening auction “Art for life”.

shoes of the legendary dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov with
autograph was sold at a charity auction for one million rubles.

evening “Art for life”, which was organized by charity
Fund “having the Opportunity”, was held in a Moscow restaurant La Prima.
In total, the auction raised 1 800 000 rubles. The hammer is also gone
paintings by outstanding artists of our time — Alexander Kalugin
Valery Pesin, Andrew Udalov, Yuri Larin, and others. Auction
attracted the attention of big business, collectors and art dealers.

The event also became an actor, Maksim Konovalov, showman Alexander
Nuzhdin, skater Anastasia Grebenkina, the artist Alexander Kogan and
many others.

the owner of the main lot, which offered the highest price, wished
to remain anonymous, the auction was attended by his representative. As
only the funds received on the account of charity Foundation “Finding
opportunity”, the report will be posted on the official website
organization. All
proceeds from the auction funds will be used for the resumption of the construction
residential housing and the rehabilitation centre “the Seagull”, helping people with
disabled and suffering from cerebral palsy. “Our whole team did a great job and we are very pleased with the results of the auction “Art for life” — shared after the event, President of the Charitable Fund “having the Opportunity” Christine finder set. We
very glad that the evening was held, funds collected, and thanks to all
the participants and our guests the living conditions of wards of the Center for the disabled
“The Seagull” will be improved. We congratulate the happy owner of the main
top of the lot and share it with him!”