Балерина Диана Вишнева похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов The star of the ballet, which recently became a mother for the first time, is in fine form. Recently Diana Vishneva was published in the fancy suit. Fans of the actress have come to the conclusion that she looks amazing and luminous.
Балерина Диана Вишнева похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов

May 13, 41-year-old prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva gave birth to a child which was named in honor of Rudolf Nureyev. The father of child was husband of the artist Konstantin Salinovich. Nine days later after a long-awaited event, the star was published. Diana appeared at the Metropolitan Opera at the opening of the ballet season.

Visit Cherry on Instagram there was a picture made that day. The celebrity chose a fashionable pant suit pajama-style floral print. Ballerina chose a light natural makeup without bright accents and licked the hair.

Social media users were delighted with the appearance of Diana. In their opinion, the actress quickly came into form after the long-awaited replenishment in the family. Fans of Cherry wrote her a great number of compliments. “Beauty”, “look Amazing”, “You are beautiful”, “Diva”, “Pretty”, “Charming”, “Shine”, “we Wish you to have a guardian angel was next,” – commented on the Internet.

That Diana Vishneva gave birth to a child, the public learned last week. First, the Network appeared information about the fact that the family of the actress was replenished. “May 13, Diana Vishneva and her husband Konstantin Salinovich became parents. The couple, married 27 Aug 2013 in the Hawaiian Islands, was born a son”, – stated in the message.

Fans of Cherry filled her with warm wishes. According to them, Diana will be a wonderful mother. After a while star got in touch with the public and has confirmed the happy news. Instagram celebrity appeared a picture of her adorable baby. Vishneva has admitted that he is very happy.

Previously the star of the ballet attributed the novel with the oligarch Roman Abramovich, left, with gallery owner Daria Zhukova. It was alleged that the owner was so preoccupied with Diane that does not miss any performances with her participation. And the dancer once saw at a football match the team of Roman Abramovich “Chelsea”. Some came to the conclusion that the way Vishneva fueled rumors about the passion of a businessman.

Diana herself chose to remain silent about the connection with Abramovich. However, the ballerina’s father denied such information as the press Secretary of the oligarch. It is known that Vishneva and Abramovich is reluctant to talk about his personal life. The divorce of oligarch and Daria Zhukova, the public learned from the official address of the pair. Ex-lovers said he will continue to do the same projects and to raise children. By the way, Abramovich also attributed the fascination with the socialite Hope Obolentseva – the lady allegedly seen on his yacht.