Bailiffs banned Dmitry Shepelev travel abroad

Судебные приставы запретили Дмитрию Шепелеву выезд за рубеж

Known TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev will not be able soon to travel abroad. Bailiffs banned him from traveling abroad because of the complaints of the family of the deceased civil wife Zhanna Friske. For many months they still can’t meet her only son Plato.

The parents of late singer went to court and received permission for the meeting but to exercise their right they failed. According to the lawyers of Kopylov Vladimir Borisovich, father of Joan, Dmitri refuses to allow them a meeting with the grandson and his wife on the day of the birth of a baby in vain stood at the entrance with the hope to meet with her grandson.
The restriction of travel will be valid from may to June, and if the meeting of the grandparents with the grandchild would not be held against Shepeleva will open an administrative case. Schedule and terms of meetings Dmitry long been suggested to Vladimir, but it was not satisfied. For example, Dmitry insists that the relatives of Jeanne met with Plato on site in the presence of the guard, Kopylov wishes to pick up the baby in an entertainment center. In addition, one and a half hours per month for meetings with his grandson – it is very small. Lawyers for the family of Jeanne would be to demand the abolition of the verdict and conditions of meetings with the grandson.
Recall that misunderstandings between Dmitry and Vladimir began immediately after the death of Jeanne. The Russian public is divided into two camps: some supported the actions of Shepeleva, while others advocate for the family of Joan. But it is obvious that the only injured party in this case was and remains a small Plato, who does not know of any grandparents (from my mother side), nor quiet life.