Плохие известия: Хилари Болдуин потеряла второго ребенка подряд

Плохие известия: Хилари Болдуин потеряла второго ребенка подряд

The well-known 61-year-old American actor Alec Baldwin and his 36-year-old wife Hilary Baldwin currently experiencing great sorrow. Hilary has always been candid with his fans in Instagram and shared all the details of his personal life.

Today, Baldwin told his followers on the mountain, which happened to her this week. It turns out that the woman lost her baby. Recently she shared on Instagram a video of the moment, which is seen as the heartbeat of her child. And now she recorded a new video with his youngest child, where it talks about the grief that their family is experiencing at the moment.

Hilary shared that she is very sad to talk about the event that occurred. However, fans should know that her and Alec, the baby died in the womb, just in the fourth month of pregnancy. Yes, now the family grief, but they understand that time will pass and all will be well again. The most important thing in their family already has four healthy children, and it gives strength to move and to live.

The most unpleasant that Hilary didn’t even think about the fact that the child may be something wrong. She came for a checkup to the doctor, she did a screening, which showed that the fetus is already dead. For women, this information was a real shock, she hadn’t even imagined that could hear it. From the first day of conception the doctors assured that mother and baby are fine and there is no reason for concern. Hillary did not give up and confidently told his fans that she has more time and strength to give birth to their children another brother or sister.

It will be recalled that about seven months ago, Alec and Hilary, the network has told its fans that lost a child. Like last time, so this celebrity decided not to hide this fact and explained everything personally.

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