Bad make or “plastic”? Fans didn’t know Oxana Fedorova

Неудачный мейк или «пластика»? Фанаты не узнали Оксану Федорову
New selfie of Miss Universe criticized.

Oksana Fedorova

Photo: @fedorovaoksana Instagram Oksana Fedorova

Oxana Fedorova suspected of plastic surgery. In the Network actively discussing the reason why the beauty Queen was unrecognizable. The reason for this was a new picture in the microblog Oksana, where, in the opinion of the fans, showed the result of the work of a plastic surgeon — their “new face.”

At the same time, the other part of fans is sure Fedorov summed up the makeup artist who made her bad makeup. “I did not like. Without this you make much more beautiful!”, “Perhaps not so much in makeup, how much unfortunate facial expression that is…”, “Clown eyebrows or is the result of a facelift… In any case, is not. Missing personality!” — wrote Fedorova.

However, as we know: “the taste and color of comrades there”! In confirmation of these words Oksana admitted that she was just in awe of his appearance. “Today’s weather is not happy, but it pleases me a great makeup artist Anna. Chic makeover series “I want a make-up” and transformation — the best way to lighten the mood!” — responded to criticism of the 39-year-old Fedorov.