Bad luck? Wedding Tarasova over the unpleasant incident

Плохая примета? Свадьба Тарасова закончилась неприятным происшествием
The footballer celebrated his marriage with the model.

Плохая примета? Свадьба Тарасова закончилась неприятным происшествием

On the eve it became known that Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko officially registered their relationship. The pair signed in the capital’s registry office, and invited to a gala event closest friends and relatives. Later, the couple with the same guests went to the country home of football, where everything was prepared in advance for the party.

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The celebration of the creation of a new family over an unpleasant incident, in which fortunately no one was hurt. The plot is near the luxury homes of the athlete, in honor of Dmitri and Anastasia were launched fireworks. Fireworks show over a small fire: on the box of shells hit the sparks from the fireworks, and they lit up. By the way, for safety, to launch rocket fireworks recommended as far as possible from residential areas and at a safe distance from spectators. The couple neglected this rule jeopardised myself and the guests of the festival.

However, ‘ criticize not only the violation of safety rules. In social networks actively discussing the fact that the appearance at the registry office the bride and groom are not “dressed up”. And Dimitri and Anastasia were “worn” outfits in which they repeatedly saw the light of day. Especially got from critics betrothed footballer. By the way, Olga Buzova declined to comment about the wedding ex-husband.

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