“Backstreet Boys” were reunited at a birthday party, Alexander Revva

«Backstreet Boys» воссоединились на дне рождения Александра Реввы
Legendary boy band of the 90s made at the party entertainer.

Aleksandr Revva and his wife Angelica

Photo: @arthurpirozhkov Instagram Alexander Revva

Recently Alexander Revva threw a party to celebrate its 42 anniversary. To celebrate the birthday of the showman decided in Spain, where he arrived immediately after the end of the music festival “New wave”. Arriving at the home of the matadors Alexander settled in the province of Girona, specifically the town of Lloret de Mar. The chosen place is famous for its numerous entertainment venues, one of which was the celebration of the birthday Revva.

The climax of the festival in honor of the artist was a joint presentation by Alexander with the legendary group of the 90s- the Backstreet boys. Unfortunately, in the video, published in the microblog of the Russian humorist, was captured only part of the triumphant reunion of the boy band. The movie was very funny, special amused his fans he Revva.

“Tell me why..” once this song I sang in the first part of the group “Backstreet Boys”. Then the producers kicked me out of group because of bad pronunciation. But yesterday my friends from Los Angelos flew on my birthday to re-experience the feelings of 40 years ago, and again sing the first part of the song “tel mi Wai”.. #spaceborne #microwaves #tellmewhy #proiznosheniya #come #aaaaa

A video posted by Arthur Pirozhkov (@arthurpirozhkov) on Sep 11, 2016 at 9:51am PDT

In fact, the reunion participants Backstree boys happened long before the performance at the birthday party Revva. The legendary group have even managed to go out a few new collaborative works. In addition, in 2013, the boy band released an album called “In a world like this, which, for the first time after a long break, the group took part in full squad.