«Backstreet Boys» развлекали гостей на дне рождения Александра Реввы

One of the most prominent entertainers of the Russian show-business Alexander Revva, recently celebrated his 42nd birthday. On that occasion, the man arranged a big celebration, where gathered his relatives, friends and colleagues. Specify that the party was held in the Spanish town of Lloret de Mar, where Revva went at the end of the music festival “New wave”.

Guests had fun and rested, but in the middle of the evening they waited for a big surprise. Entertain them arrived legendary group of the 90s and beginning of the “zero” of the Backstreet boys.

Visit Alexandra’s Instagram he posted a video where he and his musicians performed one of their hits: “”Tell me why..” once this song I sang in the first part of the group “Backstreet Boys”. Then the producers kicked me out of group because of bad pronunciation. But yesterday my friends from Los Angelos flew on my birthday to re-experience the feelings of 40 years ago, and again sing the first part of the song “tel mi Wai”…”