Back together? Timothy spent the evening with his ex-wife

Снова вместе? Тимати провел вечер с бывшей женой

In the relationship of the singer and mom of his daughter Alena Shishkova reigns idyll.

Rapper Timati and model Alena Shishkova broke up almost immediately after the birth of their daughter Alice. However, this did not prevent them not only to maintain good relations, but also to stay a family.

The mother of Simon, Timothy Y. celebrated the birthday, was present at the ceremony only the closest people, including Alena with her daughter. But the new girl singer, model, Anastasia Reshetova, was not even close! And because subscribers Alena and Timothy suspected that young parents not just going on a family holiday, and not otherwise reunited!

In favor of this fact is the fact, how touching Shishkova congratulated the former mother-in-law happy birthday.

“Dear, sweet Simon, you certainly know how much you mean to me, how much I appreciate your trust, as I thank the fate that gave me your friendship, warmth and care! So many warm words I want to write now, but it is better to say at the meeting, and yet, with the advent of a new day, in a hurry to congratulate you on your birthday! Let it be for you the beginning point of another happy year for you filled with our infinite love,” wrote Allen in social networks.

A little later Simon published a picture of the family and responded to the greeting: “Today, in an unexpected way gathered all my children! You know how hard it is, and so happy! These people need me, and I dare to hope for love! Glad there is no pathos, but there is intimacy, good looks, smiles and baby Twitter”.

Subscribers immediately threw all the participants in the celebration issues. Whether Timothy and Allen together again?

Both are in no hurry to answer. Meanwhile, the fans think that the former couple were getting really close and just don’t want to rush things.