Back to the roots: how to master a traditional Russian craft

Вернуться к корням: как освоить исконно русское ремесло “StarHit” met with those who left the metropolis and mastered a new profession – primordially Russian craft. Olesya Tiurukanova discovered his talent for growing flowers, and the family of Anna Biletsky develops Kuznetskiy.
Вернуться к корням: как освоить исконно русское ремесло

I’m still unable to embroider

Now in the United family Tugarinova grow two children – daughter Happy and son Egor. And once the Chelyabinsk Maxim and Olesya met on the Internet. Were both 20. The successful programmer has conquered the girl’s heart, sharing with her dream of creating a family estate. Followed by a favorite student schools train without regret left dusty and hectic Chelyabinsk. 140 kilometers from him, in the settlement Pridannikova, I found a suitable plot. Place around the scenic birch and pine forests, where are found deer, hares, foxes and beat the purest springs and pond come the swans and cranes. Land reclamation was slow. Mark the plot, Maxim and Olesya planted saplings and smashed flower beds. He built the hut in which he slept the first time.

“A year later we built a small house with walls of turf and insulate it with straw” – proudly says Maxim. A “straw” hut Maxim and Olesya lived for two years, all the while erecting a house. Now the family has moved into a new home.

“Our house is our fortress, – continues Maxim. Is it just one big room, but there is a porch, balcony and attic. Next are a workshop, a bathhouse and greenhouse”.

Settling on their land, the guys have discovered their passion for creativity. Olesya began to write poetry and to paint, Maxime became interested in carving, learned to play flute and guitar. Over time, Olesya began to knit, sew and embroider, and Maxim first mastered weaving on berlot (a device for weaving in the form of frequent comb. – Approx. “StarHit”). In 2012 Tugarinova opened an online shop on the “Fair of masters”, where they take the orders for manufacturing of belts and headbands – headband, like the Slavs, which are used as headgear or amulet. Price of belts – from 800 to 1200 rubles, Hu are cheaper 500 rubles. Special attention is paid Maxim and Olesya sacred Slavic symbols, carefully choosing the pattern for each customer. Perhaps that is why they have always a lot, especially in summer. Egilsay average family income is 30 thousand rubles.

The blacksmith of his own happiness

Вернуться к корням: как освоить исконно русское ремесло

Anna Biletsky 33 years, she was born in Astrakhan in childhood dreamed of becoming an astronaut. But when it was time to go to College, the choice fell on law. With dreams of space, and a diploma of human rights activist in my pocket she still could not find his true vocation. Throwing ended five years ago. Then, while working as the administrative assistant, Anna accidentally fell into the forge. “As soon as I saw anvil horn, I fell in love immediately, at first glance, – says Anna. – Was in the evenings after work to come to learn.” At first it was difficult, earnest passion girls are not perceived. But Anna of not scared. She mastered the skill, and then left and plunged into the hobby. New profession helped to gain and family happiness. Husband of Anna, Eugene, also a blacksmith. Says he saw it online and immediately fell in love. Now the family Biletsky has a daughter Ludmila. The girl was only eight years old, and she already owns the parent craft. Her ability to cope with hammer and anvil appreciated Maxim Galkin in his show “The best”. Anna also participated in the show “mistress into maid”. She actively introduces everyone to his profession: guided tours, master classes, organizes festivals of blacksmithing and the collection of a private Museum.

“After the meeting, ask the guests, especially the kids, if they want to become blacksmiths, all they hear is an enthusiastic “Yes” and see their burning eyes, and most importantly – happy our heroine. – I want to leave behind something meaningful, good.”

The bread around the head

Today, the 38-year-old Pavel Abramov is the head enterprise for the production of organic products “brown bread” in the village of Getmanova Aleksinsky district of Tula region. But more recently he was a famous volleyball player. Paul – winner of the bronze medal of the Olympic games in Athens in 2004. However, when our hero turned 35, he decided to leave professional sports for the sake of agriculture. He had a business idea – production of quality organic products: grain – flour – bread. Paul registered the company in January 2012.

“I began to learn the intricacies of a new business – still a man. – Worked assistant Miller, a warehouse clerk, and sales Manager and accountant.” Paul says that for him it was always important to benefit people and not harm the environment. Today, “Black bread” aspires to become the leader in Russia for production of organic grain and products of its processing, and Paul continues to lead the process, taking from three posts of Directors on the production, sales and development.

“I remember we bought the first tractor, got the first crop, ran the first mill, and then croupier. And I don’t regret my choice! – says our hero. – “Black bread” he became my child for whom I am extremely worried, my life is very difficult, but very interesting!”