«Назад в будущее»: как выглядят звезды культовой трилогии спустя 33 года
What became of the actors of the three legendary paintings about time travel, and what predictions from the second part came true.

«Назад в будущее»: как выглядят звезды культовой трилогии спустя 33 года

Back to the future: what are the stars of the cult trilogy 33 years later

Photo: a scene from the movie “Back to the future”

Thirty-three years ago a hapless teenage musician
Marty McFly made his first journey through time. It has since been removed
a huge number of movies and TV shows about travelling to the past
and future. However, the cult trilogy-Robert Zemeckis Back to the future remains the best film in the genre of science fiction in history
the world of cinema.

Immediately after the premiere of the first part of the trilogy, telling about the unexpected
trip McFly’s Doc brown’s time machine from 1985 in the
1955, became a cult. Tape “Back to the future” became the most successful
film of the year, received the “Oscar” (best sound editing),
three of the award “Saturn” (the best science fiction film, best actor and best special effects) and gained incredible
the love of fans around the world.

«Назад в будущее»: как выглядят звезды культовой трилогии спустя 33 года

Immediately after the premiere of the first part of a trilogy telling about the unexpected journey of McFly’s Doc brown’s time machine from 1985 to 1955, became a cult

Photo: a scene from the movie “Back to the future”

The idea of the story came from screenwriter Bob Gale, when he found and read the school diary of his father. Flipping through the pages, Bob asked himself, “Wonder if I’d be friends with her
father?” He shared his impressions with a friend — Director Robert Zemeckis, and they almost immediately sat down to write the script.

The final, fourth version of the script repeatedly improved: picture removed and coming to the Professor ladies of easy virtue, and the “left” earnings piracy Marty. At first the Studio was not inspired by the story: some people found her too child, others felt the love of the mother in the son’s provocative. But the Studio is Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg appreciated the idea. Began auditions.

In the role
Marty McFly from the creators of saw only a 23-year-old Michael J. Fox. However, the actor was the main star of the popular sitcom “family ties,” and the simultaneous filming of another project was not considered. The producer of “Family ties” Harry Goldberg and said Zemeckis: “We let Michael, our lead actress is pregnant, and if you go and the lead actor, who we shoot?”

«Назад в будущее»: как выглядят звезды культовой трилогии спустя 33 года

One of the buddies Biff Tannen was played by aspiring actor Billy Zane — the future star of “Titanic” (pictured right)

Photo: a scene from the movie “Back to the future”

And Zemeckis to
not to disrupt the schedule of filming, was forced to take on the role Malfa other performer — Eric Stoltz. Alas, after about five weeks it became clear that spare absolutely
not suited for this role. “There was not a drop of humor — recalled Robert. — He played awfully, devastatingly dramatic”. In addition, Eric was riding a skateboard — the main hobby of the teenagers in the 80-ies.

Strongly Zemeckis fired Stoltz and turned to Goldberg with the suggestion, “can’t refuse”. This time the filmmakers
failed to agree and “share” Fox: day, Michael starred in “Family ties”, and from six in the evening until three in the morning was in possession of the shooting team of the film “Back to the future”.

Emmett brown played by Christopher Lloyd. He walked in the fight for the role of such
famous competitors like Jeff Goldblum (“Jurassic Park”), John Lithgow
(“Third rock from the Sun”) and Dudley Moore (“bedazzled”). Lloyd at first refused the role of eccentric scientist, but his wife convinced him to accept the offer.

Weak father Marty, George McFly, brilliantly played by Crispin Glover is also an actor of “Family Ties.” “Performed
Crispin McFly Sr. was the biggest jerk, which I happened to see” — did not hide his admiration for the Director. However, after the release of the second part happened a scandal.

Before shooting Glover demanded to raise his fee to $1 million, but was refused. Negotiations stalled, and the Studio got another actor, sagamonova it under Crispin. Glover sued the film crew — because in the second part of the movie, she used the old footage with his participation, and won. “They just took another actor, stuck him with a false chin, nose, and hoped so to deceive the audience,” after years said Crispin.

«Назад в будущее»: как выглядят звезды культовой трилогии спустя 33 года

A real boon was the actor Crispin Glover, who played brilliantly infirm father Marty George McFly

Photo: a scene from the movie “Back to the future”

Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker — played by Claudia wells, however
the actress failed to appear in the sequel because of the illness of the mother, and her
was replaced by Elizabeth Shue. The other roles were played by Lea Thompson (Lorraine
Baines, mother of Marty), and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen, his grandson Griff
Tannen and great-grandfather Buford
“Mad Dog” Tannen). Also the movie
held film debut Billy Zane — the future star of “Titanic”.

the overwhelming success of the first part, which with a budget of $18 million brought
the creators of more than $380 million, was filmed two sequels, released in 1989 and 1990
. All in all, world hire three parts of the film have raised more than $956 million — an enormous sum for that time. Although to compete in box office with such big-budget “monsters”, as “the Lord of the rings” (about $2.9 billion) or “Jurassic Park” ($2 billion), Back to the future the film occupies one of the first places in ratings of the most popular and beloved (although not the most commercially
successful) kinotrilogii.

all the main actors of the trilogy have become “hostage to one role.” The main star of the films
— Michael J. Fox in 1991 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. They say
what the most likely cause of the disease was the episode with the gallows
in the third part, when the hinge on the neck of actor was delayed in fact, and he
for some time he lost consciousness from suffocation.

After the film’s release, Fox and the other actors continued to act in films, but three films Zemeckis began the peak of popularity
and the top of their filmography.

that Zemeckis hadn’t originally planned a sequel, he didn’t like the idea to invent the future. “Now neprognoziruemo, and then it won’t come true and they’ll laugh at us”, — said the Director. And yet, many of the predictions from the second
part of the movie (where Marty goes from 1985 to 2015) miraculously came true.

Shown in the second part hoverboards are — flying Board — has been created, however, a good model to make so far failed

Photo: a scene from the movie “Back to the future-2”

Do not stop attempts to create long-working hoverboard (flying Board), the
the advanced model is now able to stay in the air for six minutes. In offices there are special
the turnstiles that let in the fingerprint (both in the house of McFly), also, there are “smart” glasses and watches. And home
wall mounted projectors and flat, thin
TVs can show multiple channels — now normal

The film was shown and technologies that are not yet implemented. And, most likely, we’ll see them soon. For example, samozashnurovyvayuschihsya
sneakers or samokysha and automatically adapts to the size
man’s jacket. But they already exist in prototypes. Already start experiments with the flying car. But highway to heaven is unlikely to appear in the world in the next 30 years.

After the release of the third regularly appeared rumors that will begin shooting “Back to the future 4”. However, Gale and Zemeckis have disappointed fans, saying that for them in this story come to an end.

Since the premiere of the film “Back to the future” held on 3 July 1985, it has been 33 years. Here are the stars of the cult trilogy now.