Няни детей Брэнджалины рассказали о хаосе и ненадлежащем воспитании

The story continues…Not yet Angelina Jolie to announce that divorcing brad pitt, as this information was surrounded by so much gossip and unnecessary conversation that discussing them can be a long time.

So, this time, after speaking about alcohol and drug abuse pitt, that he beat his children, the journalists decided to add fuel to the fire of a new message, which, however, now shows both brad and angelina – useless parents.

The truth about the personal life of Brangelina shared their former domestic staff.

So, the nanny of the children stated that family and home Galipettes created real chaos.

All six children are growing totally out of control, all of them indulge the whims of adults, and that is a punishment none of them know.

Once, for instance, babysitter caught 15-year-old Maddox for drinking wine. And did this guy demonstratsionno – in my father’s car that stood in the middle of the lawn.

In addition, Maddox and pax at any time can use a collection of knives Angelina Jolie,and the actress is a craze even encourages.

Gives a strange feeling and the fact that children have never been to school. Brad and Angelina chose home-schooling that the children are given only with their consent and when they have mood.

No one ever forced them to overwork, and if children have no desire to do, Angelina let go of the tutor home.

People who have ever spent time with this family, said that the chaos was everywhere that they were approaching. While the star couple at any time could leave children when they feel like it. The only thing they need to do is just register at the hotel, was said to pitt.