Baby Spaniel traveled around the world in the backpack of the hostess

Малыш-спаниель объехал полмира в рюкзаке хозяйки

Internet users are touched by images of a dog named Ellie breed cavalier-king-Charles-Spaniel.

Not long ago, a tennis coach from St Petersburg Anastasiya Kukushkina started his dog named Ellie page in the social network and it has paid off! A few days Ellie was the star of Instagram 8 thousand subscribers. And not in vain. From a cute puppy travelling with chosakai the world, it is impossible to take eyes!

Ellie’s first trip happened when she was only four months. She is now 11 months and she’s already managed to visit Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic and even in the US!

Moreover, according to Anastasia, Ellie brings great flight, never misbehaves at the hotel and happy posing against the backdrop of historical landmarks.

“She’s a perfect passenger. Wherever I went, always take Ellie with him,” said Anastasia, a British newspaper Metro.

Meanwhile, the Internet users write Ellie compliments and rave reviews: “What a cute dog!”, “A real model!”, “A very beautiful dog. And she has such big eyes!”

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