Baba berry again: best friend Alsu revealed her “real” age

Баба ягодка опять: лучшая подруга Алсу раскрыла её «реальный» возраст
Singer happy anniversary.

Alsu and Zhanna Martirosyan

Photo: Social networks

Today at Lil Wayne’s birthday: singer turns 35. To your personal occasion, the artist began preparing a few days. Like many, on the eve of the anniversary Alsou summed up their past accomplishments and made plans for the future. “We are going to think I am getting the subtotals, make plans, praise and scold myself….” — said Alsu the day before the birthday.

Alsu today to congratulate hundreds of fans (fortunately this can now be done directly through social networks), as well as family, friends and colleagues. The witty wish the singer received this morning. It was written by best friend actress — Jeanne, the wife of Garik Martirosyan. Star girlfriends often make fun of each other in the social network. Birthday Alsou is no exception: in his greeting, especially Jeanne “put” girlfriend for 10 years.

“Hurrah! My friend was over for another year! It can not but rejoice, an even older friend. On this festive day, I dedicate to you, my dear, all the songs of Stas Mikhailov, you are getting to the age when I can to check this out! Don’t hide your age, you’re beautiful!” — I wrote to Jeanne, placing in a Network the poem on 45-year anniversary.

Lil Wayne and Jeanne are family friends for many years. Almost every summer the singer and wife of resident Comedy Club together, spend their holidays on the Italian coast.

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