Азиза, найдись: как мы выдали замуж не ту певицу

Tuesday morning began with the good news. 52-year-old singer Aziza got married, but it turned out to congratulate you need a completely different girl, but with the same unusual name.

Do you think that Aziz – rare for Moscow name? But, no! And journalistic confusion of what happened on Tuesday morning, confirms this.

It all started with the fact that the singer Nargiz Zakirova posted a Instagram photo of wedding bouquet with the caption: “Aziz, how cleverly you left precious flower! And among the many lovely ladies catch it was awarded to me. Coincidence? But in chance I never believed…”

It would seem, so what? In hestego careful saw “wedding”, “Aisaretai”. To celebrate the “hungry for news” journalists immediately issued: “52-year-old singer Aziza got married”. What? Aziz, not married, celebrity guests Nargis… it All fits! Moreover, the desire to become a married lady singer only recently said in a TV show.

So let’s not. As it turned out, Aziza Mukhamedova about your own wedding and did not know. She married a completely different winner as rare until this morning name.

“Isn’t it? So, probably, Aziz First!” – immediately suggested someone.

“In the “Voice” involved?” came a clarifying question from the corner. But the answer did not wait. Colleagues were already too deep in other scandals, intrigues and investigations.

Once again, the imagination skyrocketed… I just was married and that Aziz was not given. And then, unfortunately, everything is still the tube did not take. So even congratulate you with the wedding and to hear an angry: “Yes, are you? Out of your mind?” does not work. Summer, heat… the Stars are not up to questioning, and the journalists, the sensation disappears!

By the evening we managed to reach the culprit of the commotion.

“Nargis, who is still the lucky girl?” – ‘re talking about.

“Nothing this post to the singer Aziza Muhamedova does not all written. Married my friend Aziz, who works on the First channel, but it is unlikely that you know her. It with show business has nothing to do,” clarified the singer in conversation with the correspondent of Woman’s Day.

Well, congratulations to the happy bride! Still, not counting the spouses of the individual itself, all wedding details are correct. Married in nice, France. For Rustam. Advice and love! And with many children!

And as annoying confusion… the Weatherman that’s also wrong. Times a day approximately. And life is like the weather. All true, only not in time. But, just in case, we apologize to our esteemed readers. And… looking forward to have a real wedding, Muhamedova.

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