Azealia banks told his version of the scandal with Russell Crowe

Азилия Бэнкс рассказала свою версию скандала с Расселом Кроу

A few days ago the singer Azelia banks in the Network erupted with fury on Russell Crowe. The reason for the wrath of the singer was that new Zealand actor allowed himself to call the Azelia “nigger” and put her from the party, where she really wasn’t invited.

According to eyewitnesses of the events, several banks had been drinking and became disorderly. She swore, touched on the strange topics of conversation and even threatened Crowe (by the way, it was his party) to cut the throat in the tradition of the films of Quentin Tarantino.

With the above version of events, banks were fundamentally disagree and stated that the cause of aggressive behavior, Russell became the other woman and friends Crowe.

Azealia said that throughout the party she normally communicated with the actor. At some point they even began to flirt with each other. “Russell touched my knees,” says Azealia. “The party was going on. And suddenly there was a girl who, I think, is a friend of Crowe. She came over to me and whispered in my ear: “you Know, Russell thinks you’re hot”. I replied that came to the party not to do this and continued to chat with the other guests.”

Then, according to Azealia, the mood changed. It happened in the moment when a distinguished filmmaker said that the singer does not understand the subject, talking about (apparently, it was about the film industry). “I then became a little sad, but I took the shot,” recalls the actress. “I told him something like “Your best days are behind us””. In the conversation butted another invited and this finally angered the Azelia. “I told the girl that now is not the time to meddle in her conversation, because I’m not standing here with a shard of glass and are not going to fill everything around with blood.”

Then, according to banks, Russell and went to her decisive step, had called her “nigger” and kicked out of the party.

Note that there’s a report from the interrogation of both parties about the incident. Currently, the ongoing police investigation. Where all this will lead, we learn later.