Азилия Бэнкс оскорбила Sia из-за убитой курицы

Azealia banks is known not only for its creativity, how many scandalous squabbles with other celebrities. The new star, which came to verbal sparring, was Australian singer Sia. Note that the beginning of “fellowship” with Azelia herself Sia.

41-year-old singer commented on the sacrifice of the chicken, which was arranged at the house banks.

“Animal sacrifice in the worst of what I heard. It is better to be good, kind and hardworking person,” wrote Sia in Twitter. The logical statement Sia Azealia responded with an insult: “And your disgusting dry white winter face — the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. No wonder you’re always hiding it”.

Further, this exchange of courtesies did not go, but we do not exclude the possibility that this will not end well.