Азилия Бэнкс извинилась перед Зейном Маликом

Performer Azelia banks cannot be called a woman with a simple character. Quite often, owing to his passionate temper she becomes a party to the conflict, which often itself and begin.

Recently Azealia got into an altercation with actor Russell Crowe, saying that he kicked it with his party, called a “nigger” and spitting in the trail.

A little earlier the Brazil was an unpleasant episode with Zane Malik. Accusing ex-member of band One Diretion of stealing her ideas for his video, she called the guy a “refugee”, “sand nigger” who pretends to be “black” hiding behind a hood.

Quite unexpectedly for many people today, Azealia brought Malik apologies.

“There are no words to Express the depth of my regret. Recent events have taught me the importance of taking responsibility for actions. I want and need to apologize, I was wrong,” wrote banks.

She added that, being a black woman in the United States, often forget the existence of words that can hurt other minorities.

In a large letter, which Azealia posted in his instagram account, she promised to be “a better person” and sincerely wished the singer good luck in his career.