Awful nice: icy rain blew up the social networks

Ужасно красиво: ледяной дождь взорвал соцсети

The editors of Woman’s Day – the weather in the capital.

November 10 in Moscow and some other cities of Russia began to snow, which then switched to freezing rain, continuing all night and all day the next day. Bad weather, of course, is not the most favorable impact on the road almost everywhere traffic jam, and flights and trains and all were postponed or canceled. Of course, it is unpleasant. Although… it depends how you look at it. Some Muscovites, for example, managed to make incredibly beautiful pictures, confirms the famous phrase “nature has no bad weather”, and put them into the social network.

“Ice captivity”, “better than cinema”, “How interesting how nature works”, “street Magic” – microblog users signed their posts under the hashtag #freezing rain.

We decided to publish the best shots of freezing rain in Instagram. If your photo was not included in our selection, please post it in the comments!

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