Away: Jolie and pitt sell houses for millions of dollars

Понеслось: Джоли и Питт продают дома на миллионы долларов

The actors have not yet managed to get a divorce, and already disappeared of housing, where she was happy.

In ten years of marriage, the couple acquired real estate around the world, and now, announcing the divorce, Jolie and pitt allowed the mansions of the hammer.

First for sale was exposed to the old house in 1830 in New Orleans, his pair bought at the dawn of the relationship in 2007 for $3.5 million.

The mansion where lived a family of Jolie and pitt bought instantly. And the ex-wife from the sale were even in the black, they could fetch as much as $4.9 million

Now turn one of the apartments in new York and a house in France, where the actors grew grapes and produced their own wine.

Friends of the pair believe that the three sales Angelina and brad will not be limited, they want to help out as much free money to be redistributed among the heirs and, of course, some assets will remain in order to leave the children.

By the way, the official division of property through court actors has not yet started. Now on the agenda of the FBI investigation against pitt.

We already know that Angelina gave evidence against her husband, and now the consequence finds out, brad had problems only with the eldest son or raising a hand, and the rest of the family, including Jolie.

Meanwhile, a cousin of actor Roger Hole Gelhaus spoke in defense of a relative and said that brad would never hit a woman and especially the child.

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