Avril Lavigne returns with a new album

Аврил Лавин возвращается с новым альбомом

After a four year hiatus, canadian singer of the hit “Sk8er Boi” Avril Lavigne announced their comeback with a new album. She wrote in his Twitter message dedicated to fans, where he thanked those for their patience and support.

Аврил Лавин возвращается с новым альбомом

“To my fans,” sent a message Thursday on Twitter the singer. “I want to thank everyone for their patience during my work on a new album. This recovery was a long one, so wish that the album is perfect for you!!.

“You deserve only the best of effort and that’s what I want to give you!” added Lavin in his message. “I can’t wait to share with you the new music you work on. I promise, you will not even know it, the album has already come out. Love you, your Avril.”

Аврил Лавин возвращается с новым альбомом

Latest album of Avril came out in 2013, so 4 years on it was not heard the news. In March, the singer has pleased its fans with news that has already signed a contract for a new album deal with BMG. About Lavin said in his instagram, where put video. The girl showed how diligently working on writing new songs.

“I am extremely pleased and look forward to working with the label @bmg_us and will work with them on release #AL6! I’d be happy to share the news with you next week!” signed the video, Lavigne. The singer announced that more news fans are waiting for next week.

“At this stage of my career and life’s journey, I want to surround myself with fresh energy and feel that there is some degeneration in my life. I with many have encountered, and been through a lot emotionally,” says Lavigne about his absence. For four years girls have been really busy and hope it is going to be good in the upcoming creations of the performer.

Аврил Лавин возвращается с новым альбомом

“The whole process works told me is therapeutic and really inspired me. The album is a natural process for me, and it takes its roots from something really sincere. I hope that it will inspire many people.” told Lavigne sincerity of his subsequent album. Singer believes that because of its truthfulness and emotion, the album will inspire many.

The new album will be the sixth of the singer. Last year, she wrote a message in which he thanked the fans for their support during the resolution of the diagnosis in 2014 — Lyme Disease. “I can’t wait to be able to share with you their experiences! Really looking forward to the moment when you can hear new songs. It will be amazing in 2017!” the girl said in his instagram. As reported by Lawn in one of the entries in his microblog, “music is the real drug”.

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