Avril Lavigne appeared on the red carpet and spoke about the new album

Аврил Лавин появилась на красной дорожке и рассказала про новый альбом

33-year-old canadian singer Avril Lavigne took a two-year break, during which its fans seriously excited. Some fans of allowed in network theory, they say, the artist died and the public periodically, it appears as a double. However, assumptions were dispelled as soon as Avril appeared on the red carpet, even after telling about the preparation of the new album.

Аврил Лавин появилась на красной дорожке и рассказала про новый альбом

On Friday, the singer appeared on the red carpet charity event Race To Erase MS Gala, which was held at a hotel in Beverly hills. The event star came in the evening black gown with sheer sleeves and sandals in the same tone. Beautiful white curls and a smile that waited two years for the fans.

Avril was in a great mood and even gave a mini-interview. She told that very soon the light will be a new album and as promised Avalanches it will be phenomenal! “This is a powerful album. I’m working on it for three years. I think in two weeks I will have done my job over it and am presenting it this year. I know my fans had to wait very long, and some of them were very unhappy with this. But trust me, I’m doing everything I can, and want everything turned out perfectly. I promise that these expectations and my hard work will be justified,” she said.

Аврил Лавин появилась на красной дорожке и рассказала про новый альбом
Recall that many thought that the singer had given to the family life, but it soon became known that the popular artist is seriously ill. In a recent candid interview, she spoke about the health problems.
It turns out that a few months of thirty years, the artist fought for his life. She was diagnosed with a very dangerous infectious disease Lyme disease, which is caused by a tick bite. “I couldn’t believe that all this survived for just one bite of a small insect. I could not eat, to breathe, to move, to speak. When I was asked how I feel, I didn’t even know what to say. Because I had the feeling that I was dying,” said Avril the edition People. This condition was observed in artist about five months, seemed to her an eternity.

The actress also spoke about the advantages of his disease. “Fifteen years I constantly made. It was a time when I finally turned around and looked at the people, loyal friends and family who surround me. I have a lot overestimated. When you stand on the edge, after thinking a lot of things differently. Now I know the people I know who come to me for help, if necessary. In particular, I realized that there is no people closer than family. So that I got sick, the good part. Now I see clearly what I want out of life,” she said.

Moving the illness, Avril and others want to tell me what it is and how to deal with it.
“It was a normal bug bite and I almost died. Now I feel responsible and want to tell as many more people about the very real threat that can emerge from a simple insect bite. It can happen to anyone, and people should know about the consequences, because information about the disease is very small,” said Avril.