Avraam Russo is selling property in Russia

Авраам Руссо распродает имущество в России The artist is going through hard times. The singer decided to part with two-storey country house, as, according to his friend, the contents of this cottage very expensive.

      Авраам Руссо распродает имущество в России

      Recently the 47-year-old singer comes to Moscow only on short visits – on work. Most of the time Abraham with his wife Morelos and daughters, 10-year-old Emanuella and two Ave Maria, spends in new York. In the state of new Jersey Russo built a mansion – real branch of Versailles with columns and statues of marble, chandeliers of crystal. Artist even built a small temple there, as it is a deeply religious man.

      In Russia, Russo a long time did not feel the need in your own home. A few years friends were kindly provided him with a mansion in the elite village in the Moscow region. And last summer, the singer has decided to buy a two-storey cottage. Now, however, Abraham will have to sell the house together with land.

      “The fact that Rousseau is going through hard times, – has told “StarHit” friend of the singer Alexander. Stars of the economic crisis, too, is touched. “Nature reserves” became smaller concerts too. Even famous people are trying to save on anything possible. To maintain such a huge house, big money – every month is at least 100 thousand rubles. A year is typed in, a million or more, prices increase all the time. Given that Abraham is in Moscow a few weeks a year, such expenditure is not justified. So they Moreley recently put the cottage for sale”.

      According to the representatives of Rousseau, in the suburban house he also wanted to move from America for his mother Mary, but she changed her mind and decided to stay in the States.

      To gain for the estate, the family gathers around 12 million, but friends are willing to make allowances. During business visits to the capital – the singer comes to private events, concerts – he plans to rent an apartment.