Avraam Russo is ready to return to his wife

Авраам Руссо готов вернуться к жене For several weeks the public is discussing the divorce of the singer and his wife Morely. Abraham decided to leave my wife after 13 years of marriage. However, Rousseau demands that the woman sold the house in America.

Abraham came to the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev to find out the relationship with his wife Morelos. In the beginning, the actor said that he wants to divorce his wife because… tired from the hard character of his wife.

Rousseau also argues that it is not able to provide get morela a cab. and children in America. According to the singer, it is no longer earns a lot of money, and the taxes on the house, which is home to the wife and daughters, is too high.

“We all know that show business has its own difficulties. This does not mean that I don’t earn, but I have no in the cell, hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Russo guests and experts talk shows.

According to Abraham, Morel and her father repeatedly insulted him. The singer several times during the program emphasized that it is extremely difficult to communicate with his wife. According to him, the wife is unable to make decisions that could help the preservation and development of their relationship.

Editors talk shows gave to Abraham and Merely face-to-face contact with the woman via teleconference.

“Abraham filed for divorce, hired a lawyer. I was not even aware of. The last three years after my daughter was born, Abraham has not changed for the better”, – said the artist’s wife.

Morel then told that her husband began to chat with an old friend, who allegedly brainwashed artist and involved in some sort of sect. According to the woman, a friend of the singer – a liar who covered religion only in order to destroy the family Russo.

“He stole a lot of money in America, I can’t call it sectarian. People just got the confidence to Abraham, the husband became very angry, turned away from the family,” said Morel.

Russo responded to the accusations of his wife, saying the experts in the Studio, what is it – a childhood friend. Familiar and absolutely no interest in the divorce of the stars with his wife. “We’re going to pray. What it says… calm Down and stay in your place”, – said the singer to his wife.

Then, in the conflict of the star family intervened Joseph Prigozhin. The producer helped the career pevcu, but for 11 years, celebrities do not communicate. Abraham Joseph was accused of treason.

“In my life was a mystery. You were the only person I invited to Church for our Valeria baptism. I want everyone to know that I don’t have on you of anger and resentment. I have my obligations to you fulfilled,” – said Prigogine in the Studio talk show. Despite a protracted conflict, the men admitted that they did not feel hostility to each other, but friendly relations between them will be no more.

The program is “really” asked Abraham some questions, the results of which found the singer still loves the legitimate wife and daughters, however, the artist changed Morell with other women.

Morel, in turn, said that it is not ready to forgive Abraham’s infidelity. In the conflict between the spouses interfered with the lawyer, TV presenter, composer and singer Katya Gordon. She practically attacked the singer, accusing him of lying. In response to the insults the artist left the Studio talk show. But after a while went back to his place and admitted that… ready to come to his wife in America. Russo wants to forget all the bad things between them and to reconcile.