Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

Авраам Руссо готовится к разводу The artist will share a mansion for 300 million. Avraam Russo has told to Andrey Malakhov about the difficult situation in the family. Fans can’t believe such a strong relationship could crack.
Авраам Руссо готовится к разводу

Popular TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov invited to the Studio of the talk show of a famous singer Avraam Russo. As it turned out, the artist is going through hard times. The man admitted that he is on the verge of divorce with his wife Morelos.

For all fans of the singer, this news was a real surprise – because for 12 years of their relationship with his wife seemed ideal. They have two daughters – Emanuella and Ave Maria. For many fans of Russo’s news of a possible breakup was a real surprise.

Lawyer Alexander Karabanov, specializing in family Affairs, was present at the shootings. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, and admitted that she always tries to persuade the parties to find strength and peace.

“Family matters to me emotionally the hardest. Need to maintain fairness and purity of perception of the facts. However, as a lawyer, the first thing I always try to couple found the strength and desire to do everything to save the family. As the family is the highest value, I hope that Abraham and his beautiful wife Morel will eventually resolve their issues and agree the world, and lawyers in this story will only perform the role emotionally involved negotiators,” wrote the lawyer in the microblog.

Abraham Russo and Merely have jointly acquired marital property. As it turned out, the beloved wants to keep the mansion in new Jersey. According to preliminary calculations, the property is estimated at 300 million rubles. Today at 18.00 Abraham to personally tell about the difficult situation in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

Last summer, the famous actor bought a luxury house in the suburbs, however, winter decided to part with two-story mansion. The fact that in Russia the singer is not so often, because most of the time he spends in the United States with his family, but because he considered it unprofitable to spend money on maintaining the premises clean and tidy. Avraam Russo is selling property in Russia

“To maintain such a huge house, big money – every month is at least 100 thousand rubles. A year is typed in, a million or more, prices increase all the time. Given that Abraham is in Moscow a few weeks a year, such expenditure is not justified. So they Moreley recently put the cottage for sale,” said a friend of Abraham “StarHit”.