Авраам Руссо в любой момент может умереть

47-year-old famous Russian singer of Syrian origin Avraam Russo rarely appears in the news chronicle. Musician prefers never to tell, but today he made an exception, and news Abraham shocked his fans.

While fans Rousseau stocking up on sedatives, the singer confessed – it turns out that at any moment he can die (it’s time to take a few caps of Valerian).

To provoke such a terrible outcome can tumors are in the intestine of the artist.

“Due to the large number of operations I have now a lot of diseases. At any moment you might go into shock and I could die. Recently doctors found a tumor elsewhere in the intestine,“ said Abraham.

Note that the operations of Russo had to be postponed because of the assassination of 2006.

Then the musician was wounded three times. Prich wound to the abdomen at the Institute Sklifosovsky recognized extremely difficult. To save the life of Abraham, the doctors removed 30 inches of intestine.

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