Aviation day: the star told how he overcame fear of flying

День авиации: звезды рассказали, как побороли страх летать Astrological predictions and textbooks in English – in anticipation of the international festival, which is celebrated today, celebrity-aerophoba shared that helps them overcome such fear.
День авиации: звезды рассказали, как побороли страх летать

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Katya LEL teaches the lyrics of the songs

Lifting the ramp, every time the singer tries to help a friends in misfortune. “When flying with me someone you know and is nervous, reassure him, support, – says Katya “StarHit”. Is she trying to distract yourself. If it’s a tour, I repeat the words of their own songs, rehearse. Or listen to music – again its. Generally, I spend most of my time – gain textbooks in English and immersed in the study of language.

Very good reading – I try to grab a book, closed the most interesting place to immediately plunge into the thick of things and not pay attention to the turbulence. And, of course, faith is always with me: when really scared, you can pray and it will become easier. And in moments of panic we must think about loved ones – it gives me strength”.

Star calculation

Vasilisa Volodina astrology trusts

Leading “let’s get married!” on “the First channel” believes that aerophobia should be treated not in all cases. “If we are not talking about the fear which prevents to live a dynamic life, and a conscious approach and understanding that the planes often fall, it is not a disease. Because people are afraid to fly not just. I come to the question of planning safe travel primarily as an astrologer. Going far away only after checking with his Natal chart and understand that you can fly. Similar calculations made for all family members, so when we go somewhere all together, sometimes you have to Tinker to choose a safe date”.

День авиации: звезды рассказали, как побороли страх летать

Just calm

Larissa the Valley helps self-hypnosis

“Despite this, of course, continue puteshestvovat through the air, – says Larissa “StarHit”. – Not going anywhere, because I often tours the cities where the train just won’t reach. But everytime during takeoff and landing feel very uncomfortable. And if you start to shake, not a… But in these moments I say to myself: “So, Larissa, calm down! Nothing to worry about! Now let it be”. And try to breathe deeply – helps”. But even worse is the case with the husband of a celebrity and part-time producer by Ilya Spetanym. “Here’s someone much more notorious aerophobia – continues the artist. Is it even in America stopped flying – scary on Board from 10 hours to spend. Much of the literature on this topic read, would have courses and safety news. But alas: only sits in the plane and starts to panic.”

День авиации: звезды рассказали, как побороли страх летать

Tablet me tablet!

Prokhor Chaliapin saved a sedative

Despite a love for travel, the singer admits that every time comes on Board as a last. “My school was a three in physics, and indeed I am not strong in the technical Sciences, so really do not understand how this machine with wings can climb into the sky – says Prokhorov with “StarHit”. – If the flight is long, take bought in America a sedative and sleep all the way. Generally, of course, in a horizontal position, lying in business class, to overcome aerophobia easier than crouching in the economy – for yourself checked.

I choose reliable carriers and if you suddenly begin to feel fear, to convince myself that the plane is good, the new, the company tested must fall. But to drink for those who are afraid, I do not advise. This is bad for the vessels and may end in failure. Did not drink on Board because think: if anything I need to be sober and active to jump out and escape. Where to jump out, as this is the second question…”