“Avatar” attacks Hollywood

«Аватар»  атакует Голливуд
James Cameron has announced that he will shoot four of the blockbuster sequel.

«Аватар»  атакует Голливуд

James Cameron and Sigourney weaver

Photo: Outnow.ch

As announced by the Creator of “Avatar” — movie-sensation 2009
year, he decided to make four instead of two, as originally planned,
the sequel to his brainchild. After meeting with the team of screenwriters James Cameron realized
what ideas do they have so many that will show up in two movies is simply impossible. Then
they decided to shoot three films, however, this amount was not enough. In
the result now is preparing for the filming of the first of four films, “Avatar
2”. It will appear in cinemas in 2018. And the other three respectively
in 2020, 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Cast the main roles had already been approved. The audience again
will see in the movie their favorite actors — Sigourney weaver, Sam Wordsworth and Zoe
The Saldana. What events will unfold this time on the planet Pandora,
Cameron kept in secret. However, he promised that what is happening on
the screen goes far beyond the limits of what the audience might expect. And,
as stated James, he is going to make four separate film,
which will add up to a “real epic Saga”.

The Cameron project will be in several
most important roles: it will be a major screenwriter, and Director, and producer.
So he will be able to fully enjoy the expected commercial success
his Saga. And, as experts believe, will be no less impressive than in
2009. But then the first “Avatar”, shot on a budget of 237 million, has collected in
world hire the fantastic sum — 2 billion 787 million 965 thousand
dollars! As for the filming of a new movie, they, according to plan, should begin this fall. Like the first time, most of the film will be shot in New Zealand, where, incidentally, starred another fantastic Saga “the Lord of the rings”.

James Cameron

Photo: Outnow.ch

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