Fall Single: Singer Deya Unveils New Song 'Draw' It's no coincidence that Daeya's new single was released in October.

Autumn single: Deya's singer presented a new composition Autumn is not just a season, but a state of mind and the release of this track turned out to be very timely and became a long-awaited gift for the singer's fans. ”, – such pictures are drawn by the imagination while listening to this track.

Here the heroine faces a difficult choice, where pride, resentment and prayer merge into one spiritual impulse, where hope dies last. And this is so similar to people in whose hearts love is fading.

“Probably, everyone has their own way to happiness and, maybe, not an easy one. But each of us has a guiding star – hope!

The lyrics of the song were written by the poetess Larisa Archipenko, known for her work with many pop stars. The composer and arranger Dmitry Bilash became the author of the music. It was thanks to his talent that the composition acquired a special musical flavor.

Day's single “Draw” is already available on digital platforms, and now the work on the video, which will be presented at the end of October, is nearing completion.

Well, and behind everything that happens You can follow Dei's creative life on her official website.

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