Autumn aggravation – diagnosis “Matilda”

Осеннее обострение – диагноз «Матильда» Even during the filming of “Matilda” I thought that the Director Alexey Uchitel has made a clever move: agreed with Natalia Poklonskaya and created the film such terrific is that no tale to tell, nor pen describe.
Осеннее обострение – диагноз «Матильда»

Besides, I saved a lot of budget money earmarked for the promotion of the already expensive picture. But after a series of scandalous incidents “Matilda”, where the public showed a burned-out car at the attorney’s office of film, I understood: something here not so. Suspicions intensified when my friend, who took part in the filming, suddenly began to look around and any question associated with his kinorabotoy, trembling. This is the latest news: due to anonymous phone calls about bombs allegedly planted by opponents of the project, had to evacuate more than a hundred thousand people! In General, dear friends, during the autumn aggravation we all need to be careful. The more people have watched “Matilda” with regret that in the history of cinema, this lurid story of the affair ballerina of the Imperial theatres and the Russian Prince is unlikely to be included.