Authorities thanked “Leningrad” for the song “Peter – to drink”, which attracts tourists

Власти поблагодарили "Ленинград" за песню "В Питере - пить", привлекающую туристов

On 30 April, the group, headed by Sergei Shnurov has released a music video for the song “Peter – to drink.” Today the Chairman of the Committee for tourism development of St. Petersburg Viktor Kononov thanked the staff for their new video.

How could anyone not related to the clip, the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurova, you will want to visit St Petersburg. No one has to follow the wishes of the author, and just to make sure that it has everything – monuments, museums, restaurants, events and festivals, for all tastes and ages. We can only thank to Sergei Shnurov for what has not forgotten his hometown, which really is the center of tourism,

– said Kononov.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, the new clip will be attracted to the Northern capital youth.

Власти поблагодарили "Ленинград" за песню "В Питере - пить", привлекающую туристов
Sergey Shnurov

Just a few days the clip “Peter – to drink” on YouTube has collected nearly three million views. In the center of the plot of the movie five ordinary residents of St. Petersburg of different professions, who, tired from work, decide to drown my sorrows in alcohol, and then go for a walk around the city. Itself Cords has performed in the movie cameo role.


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